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locations & weather
Living in Pittsburgh means the weather is constantly changing hour by hour, so we have several options for you to ensure your picnic can continue as planned even with a rainy forecast. Rescheduling is the absolute last resort that we do not recommend due to our busy schedules and the difficulties that finding a new date can bring. You will also unfortunately incur all costs of any food or outside rentals that were booked and purchased by choosing to reschedule. We operate as a small events company & so do our food and other partners. The best way we describe this to our fellow picnickers is - you don't reschedule your wedding day if it looks rainy! You embrace it. Please read the following info carefully and at time of booking, we will ask you your preferred back up option!
parks & pavilions

We love to picnic at the following Pittsburgh Parks & Public Spaces. Picnics over 45 minutes or further away will require additional travel fees. 

Allegheny County Parks

(Pavilion Only): 

Boyce Park

Deer Lakes Park

Harrison Hills Park

Hartwood Acres Park

North Park

Settlers Cabin Park

South Park

White Oak Park

Pittsburgh City Parks: 

Emerald View Park (Mt. Washington)

Schenley Park

Riverview Park

Highland Park

Frick Park

Other Outdoor Public Spaces We Love: 

West End Overlook

North Side 

Mellon Park Walled Garden 

Point State Park ( +$50 per table up charge for additional labor needed & lack of parking available for us to unload)

You are welcome to book a pavilion at your favorite public park. You can book yourself and provide us with proof of your reservation - we cannot set up in any pavilion without proof of rental under your name. By booking yourself you have free range of choosing your own pavilion, or we are happy to book for you and add the rental fee to your invoice. This will allow us to set up your picnic under the pavilion if rain is ahead, or around the pavilion to be under the sun but to also have a private picnic experience. "Pavilion Rentals" also include the area around the pavilion. Allegheny County Parks begin at $30 for a pavilion and must be booked 6 days in advance, while City Parks range around $100 - $160 and must be booked 2 weeks in advance. Some City Park pavilion rentals include an alcohol permit in the fee. 

Follow the links to learn more & to reserve your pavilion: 

bubble tent insurance

You can book our Bubble Tent for $50 as insurance to your outdoor picnic. If the radar shows rain at your picnic time, then we will set up your picnic inside the clear bubble tent. This will provide you protection from the rain while still viewing and enjoying the outdoors. Our tent comfortably fits up to 4 guests. Bubble Tent is available only at private pavilion picnics, secluded locations, and private residences. 


We can explore any indoor venue of your choosing for possible additional venue rental fees. 

Terrene in Station Square: 

Terrene is a beautiful, modern space that elevates our picnic designs. We can schedule for your picnic to take place in Terrene for an additional $125 venue rental fee, and the space must be booked no later than 72 hours in advance. The plus side about Terrene is they also have an outdoor patio, so if the weather does turn back to sunny, we can still set your picnic up outdoors within their beautiful space. Please note: no outside food or beverage is allowed. Any Box & Board charcuterie orders will be converted to charcuterie from Kimberley Ashlee Catering, and you may purchase wine or any of the Ambient Boxes or Meals through us. Available for picnics after 3PM Monday through Saturday or Sunday picnics when the restaurant is closed. 

Black Dog Winery: 

Black Dog Winery is nestled along Steubenville Pike in Oakdale, Allegheny County in the historic Hankey Mansion. This beautiful mansion offers several private rooms, perfect for an intimate, indoor picnic. 

Private Residence: 

Living room, basement, you name it. The same picnic we had planned outdoors for you can happen right inside the comfort of your own home, too. A flat yard is required and ample space both indoors and out will need to be able to fit our 40x48" tables with at least 3 feet all around the table. 

Brie & Baskets is not liable for weather changes if you rent a pavilion or venue and the forecast clears prior to your picnic. We can move back outdoors but understanding any venue or pavilion rentals fees would be forfeited if choosing not to use them last minute. 
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